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Danaya Azure Radio broadcasting every Thursday, partnered with Nexxlegacy is the global  phenomena catered to the growth of music evolution of all genres. Birthed with Chi-Town grass roots, this programming targets a diverse soulful sound stream that centers from hip-hop, neo-soul-R&B, pop, rock and a lot more. The first of its kind to house a Nexxlegacy Honors soundtrack to honor the artist living on a weekly basis. With diverse interviews to International music mixes, album reviews and a New Music Track list this go-to station is for listeners of all ages. Let our popular brand of millions spin you popular music from across the globe or tune in all day for hits. Whether you need something great to listen to on your way to work, or you refuse to miss out on Pop Hour, Danaya Azure Radio provides listeners with hours of pure entertainment.

Danaya Azure Radio

Thursday's on Nexxlegacy

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P.O Box 727 Hayward California 94541

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