Nexxlegacy Is Now Partnered With The Pocket USA

The pocket USA offers a way for both police offers and drivers to go home safe and sound after traffic stops. This product was developed by Brian Wilturner Brian Wilturner, African American entrepreneur, came up with an awesome idea called The Pocket USA. His product is for our safety and the officer’s comfort. Mr. Wilturner is originally from Houston, Texas. He developed this product to keep his son safe. After all of the shootings aaround the country of unarmed black men and women that was and still his his ultimate goal. Wouldn't it be nice to not cringe evrytime you see a police car behind you.. Wouldn't be phenomenal to be able to be a person of color and to actually be able to breathe when you get pulled uneccessarily. The pocket USA allows you to place your license and registration outside of your vehicle. ensuring your safety and ensuring that the police officer goes home as well. This product is currently saving lives They are even partnered with Toyota dealerships and Police departments as well.

Keep you and your family safe. Grab your today

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